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Delaney Belt 21 oz Podium Chill Bottle 保凍噴射水樽運動腰包

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Our top-selling bottle-based solution combines comfort and hands-free convenience for runners and walkers. The waist-mounted hydration keeps weight low on your body for more stability. Set includes one waist pack and one 21oz Podium® Chill Bottle.
Made in philippines and China


這是我們最暢銷的運動腰包連水樽,它不僅為跑步者和步行者帶來舒適的感受,還解放了他們的雙手。水樽繫在腰部可以降低重心,提高穩定性。套裝包括一個腰包及一個 21oz Podium® Chill 保凍水樽。

  • Product Features 產品特點

    Side cinch with dual adjust, key clip, essentials pocket. The essentials pocket is just big enough for the basics: phone, keys, cash and snacks

    Front and back reflectivity for added visibility, suitable for night workout

    Podium Chill Bottle Features:

    21oz Podium® Chill Bottle keeps water cool 2x longer with double-wall construction. Self-sealing Jet Valve™, maximises flow rate while eliminating splatters and spills. Easy to squeeze, BPA-Free, TruTaste™ Polypropylene with HydroGuard™ lets you taste water, not the bottle.

    Pack material:

    Back Panel: Air mesh

    Fabric: 70D diamond clarus

    Warning: Podium Chill bottle: Choking Hazard. Keep removable nozzle away from children under 5



    Podium Chill 水樽特點:

    21oz Podium® Chill 的雙層保凍樽身,使水的保凍時間延長一倍。自封口的噴射咬嘴閥 Jet Valve™,增加飲水流量,亦同時防漏,而且有旋轉式鎖水設計,攜帶過程中可以關閉以防漏。擠壓方便

    樽身物料 TruTaste™ Polypropylene 經 HydroGuard™ 處理,讓你喝到純淨的水,沒有塑膠味



    腰帶:38mm 寬肩帶

    面料:70D diamond clarus 尼龍

    警告: Podium Chill 水樽:窒息危險。可拆卸噴嘴遠離5歲以下兒童

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