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Flash Belt 17oz 保凍噴射水樽運動腰包 17安士


Perfect for short distance running and fast-paced walking the new Flash™ Belt features a secure phone pocket, reflective accents and a best-in-class insulated 17oz/ 500 ml Peak Fitness Chill bottle. The bottle sleeve includes an elastic strip to ensure the bottle stays secure. No longer do you have to sacrifice performance and storage when a waist pack is all you need.


適合短距離跑步練習或綬跑的 Flash™ Belt 設有隨身物品口袋、反光帶及保凍 Peak Fitness 17安士/ 500ml 水樽。水樽套設有彈性帶使水樽能牢固在樽套內。儲物空間足夠存放運動所需品。

  • Product Features 產品特點

    Breathable Air Mesh: Stay cool and comfortable
    Adjustable Waist Buckle: For an customized, secure fit
    Secure Zippered Pocket: Keep your phone and other essentials safely stowed
    Reflectivity: For added visibility and safety

    Features of Peak Fitness bottles:
    Insulation keeps water cold twice as long
    Optimized Hand Fit: Comfortably carry in your hand
    High flow, self-sealing Jet Valve™ delivers more water per squeeze
    Leak-Proof: Lock-out mode prevents leaking
    Cap disassembles for easy cleaning
    Clean Cap: Keeps dirt and germs out
    Drink Clean: BPA, BPS, and BPF free
    Tritest™ Polypropylene with Hydro guard™: Taste your water and nothing else

    Gear Capacity: 0.5L/30 cu in
    Hydration Capacity: 500ml/ 17oz
    Pack Weight: 150g/5 oz
    Dimensions: 13 X 60 X 8cm/ 5.1 X 23.6 X 3.1in
    Fits Waist/Hips: 26-46 in / 66-116 cm



    Peak Fitness 特點:
    高水流量、自封口的噴射咬嘴閥 Jet Valve™, 擠壓瓶身即可直接飲水,免去手開蓋或用牙齒咬開吸嘴的麻煩
    不含BPA / BPS / BPF
    樽身 TruTaste™ Polypropylene 物料經 HydroGuard™ 處理,讓你喝到純淨的水,沒有塑膠味

    儲物容量:0.5公升/30 cu in
    水樽容量: 500ml/ 17oz
    尺寸:13 X 60 X 8厘米/ 5.1 X 23.6 X 3.1吋

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