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Reign Chill 32oz 保凍運動水樽

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The Reign™ Chill insulated team sport bottle changes the way athletes hydrate on the field. An all-new tri-mode cap delivers a targeted stream, cools surface temperatures, and locks out for leak-proof performance on and off the field. Insulation keeps water cold twice as long.


Reign™ 保凍運動水樽改變了運動員在運動場上的補水習慣。全新三段式飲水樽蓋能提供冷凍、高量水流花灑灑水降溫模式。旋轉式鎖水設計,方便使用。雙層保凍樽身,使水的保凍時間延長一倍。

  • Product Features 產品特點

    The Reign™ Chill insulated team sport bottle connects hydration and cooling to athletic performance and safety on the field. The universal tri-mode sport cap features our Jet Valve™ to deliver more water with a targeted high flow stream, a cooling 8-point shower mode to avoid overheating, and a leak-proof lock-out mode for clean transport. Insulated bottle keeps water cold twice as long and features a Reign gauge to monitor fluid levels. BPA, BPS, and BPF free. Cap disassembles for easy cleaning.


    Reign™ 保凍運動水樽使運動員在運動場上輕鬆及安全地補水。三段式樽蓋結合了 Jet Valve™ 樽蓋特點,以高水流提供更多水,配有八個出水點的花灑式灑水模式有助幫助身體散熱,旋轉式鎖水設計,絕不漏水。雙層保凍樽身,使水的保凍時間延長一倍,透過樽身透明視窗可觀察飲水情況。水樽不含 BPA, BPS BPF。可拆卸式樽蓋方便清洗。


    Cooling Shower Mode: Avoid overheating during play

    Insulation keeps water cold twice as long

    Reign™ Gauge: Quick view liquid level indicator

    Easy Squeeze Jet Valve™ delivers a high flow stream. No mouth contact

    Leak-Proof: Lock-out mode prevents leaking

    Trutaste™ Polypropylene with Hydroguard™: Taste your water and nothing else

    Play Clean, Drink Clean: BPA, BPS, and BPF free

    Cap disassembles for easy cleaning

    Tri-mode cap compatible with Podium® and Peak™ Fitness bottles





    樽蓋結合了 Jet Valve™ 樽蓋特點,擠壓樽身即可飲水,高水流提供更多水,不用接觸嘴部也能飲水


    樽身物料TruTaste™ Polypropylene HydroGuard™ 處理,讓你飲到純淨的水,沒有塑膠味

    不含 BPA, BPS BPF


    三段式樽蓋可使用於 Podium® Peak™ Fitness 水樽



    Capacity: 1L/ 32 oz

    Cap Material: The Jet Valve™ is made from medical grade, self-sealing silicone

    Dimensions: 26.5 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm / 10.4 x 3.5 x 3.5 in

    Material: BPA-Free TruTaste™ Polypropylene

    Weight: 163 g / 5.7 oz



    容量:  1 公升/ 32安士

    樽蓋物料: 醫療級矽膠製的Jet Valve™ 高水流量、自封口樽

    尺寸: 26.5 x 8.8 x 8.8 厘米 / 10.4 x 3.5 x 3.5

    樽身物料: 不含BPA TruTaste™ Polypropylene

    重量: 163 / 5.7 安士

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