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Octane Dart 50 oz 跑步背囊 50安士


Minimalist design, maximum comfort. When a handheld just isn’t enough, but an ultrarunning vest feels like overkill, the Dart is your streamlined companion. The Dart has been a favorite among runners for years, thanks to its simple and intuitive features: a zippered essentials pocket in the back, and a stretchy pocket on the harness for gels or bars.


背囊採用輕巧設計,提供最大舒適度。當手持水樽不夠應付你的需要,流線型設計的 Octane Dart 是你跑步的最好拍檔。多年來,Dart 一直深受跑友的愛戴,簡單易用的設計,背部的拉鏈袋讓你存取所需品,胸前彈性網袋可放能量啫喱或能量棒。

  • Product Features 產品特點

    Mesh Reflectivity for early morning or evening runs
    Made with ultralight materials
    Front-facing pockets on harness for easy fuel and gear storage.

    Gear Capacity: 0.5L/ 30 cu in
    Hydration capacity: 1.5L/ 50 oz
    Pack Weight: 200g/ 7 oz
    Fits Torso: 38-53cm/15-21 in
    Hydration type: CRUX™ Reservoir. The brand new Crux delivers 20% more water per sip, with an ergonomic handle for easier refilling, and an on/off lever that makes it easy to prevent leaks
    Reservoir material: Polyurethane. BPA/ BPS/ BPF Free
    Back Panel: Padded
    Dimensions: 31.5 X 22 X 12.5cm/ 12.4 X 8.7 X 4.9in



    儲物容量:0.5 公升/ 30 cu in
    水袋容量:1.5公升/ 50安士
    背囊重量:200克/ 7安士
    合適體型 (身長):38-53厘米/ 15-21 吋
    水袋類型:Crux™ 水袋。全新 Crux™ 水袋讓你每一口水飲吸啜量增加 20%,符合人體工學的握柄方便你輕鬆入水,另外,咬嘴有開/關鎖水閥,防止漏水。
    水袋物料:Polyurethane。不含 BPA, BPS, BPF
    尺寸:331.5 X 22 X 12.5厘米/ 12.4 X 8.7 X 4.9吋

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