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Zephyr™ Pro Vest with 2x500ml (2x17oz) Quick Stow Flasks

Zephyr™ Pro Vest with 2x500ml (2x17oz) Quick Stow Flasks

SKU: CP2820001000

We're here to help you prepare for whatever challenge lies ahead, whether it's the run of a lifetime or a long-distance, multi-day race. Zephyr™ Pro Vest brings you what you need when you need it most, so you can focus on what matters: testing your limits and achieving your peak performance.

  • Silver Sustainability: Made with recycled materials and safer chemicals, designed to preserve resources and diminish disposables.
  • Stowable and Fully Removable Trekking Pole Quiver: Allows you to easily access your trekking poles while running.
  • Engineering Knit Mesh: With body mapping technology: We incorporated our body mapping tech into this mesh design. There are men's and women's specific patterns, based on which parts of your backs get hot. Thus, keeping your back cooler!
  • Secure Phone Pocket: Keep your phone close to the vest and close to you with our easy-to-access phone pocket.
  • Dual Adjustable Chest Straps: For a easily customizable fit, ensuring all day comfort.
  • Stretch Overflow Pockets: Perfect for any extras you may need on your journey.
  • Fuel and Gear storage: Just enough room for all of your snacks, water, and running gear.
  • Reflectivity: Various points of intentional, highly-visible reflectivity to keep you safe on your run as the sun goes down.
  • Safety Whistle: On the trails you are our number one concern. The safety whistle is perfect for alerting people you're near or calling for help.
  • Four-Point Compression: There are two compression straps on each side of the vest that help the vest to fit your body. They help the vest feel like it was designed specifically for your body and makes it disappear from your mind as you run.
  • Ultralight Materials: This means "no uneccessary baggage" for your trek, so you can run all day in comfort.
  • Tube Trap: Allows you to have the versatility of using a reservoir, and to easily grab the hydration tube without having to unbuckle or unhook, for easy, on the go hydration.
  • Quick Stow Flasks: This lightweight, collapsible flask fits easily into the pockets of your run vest and features our classic-one piece silicone bite valve for rapid hydration—perfect for race day.

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